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Switched at Birth review: A sister’s love knows no bounds

All of Daphne’s mistakes catch up to her and Bay struggles to make her new life happen, while the students of Carlton head toward graduation in “And Life Begins Right Away.”

In my review of the last episode, I know I said that I better understood the pain that Daphne was going through and why she felt the need to lash out like she did. That doesn’t mean I don’t think she should have to face what she did. When Regina got Wes to promise that he wouldn’t tell anyone that Daphne vandalized the East Riverside project, I was almost a little disappointed as I did think Daphne needed to take some responsibility for her actions.

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But then she was arrested and all chances of her getting away with her crimes were gone, or so we thought. I guess one could argue that Daphne did realize what she had done wrong and just the prospect of going to prison (even for 90 days) was enough to scare her straight. One might also say that Bay was brave to take on her sister’s troubles as her own and she’s tough enough to survive whatever happens. Yes, I thought it was incredibly sweet that Bay loved her sister enough to save her, but I am also sad to think that she’s going to suffer now for what Daphne did. No, it won’t be as big of a punishment but isn’t any punishment too much when you haven’t done the crime at all?

I knew there was no chance that Bay and Emmett would actually end up in Los Angeles, though I did enjoy seeing her put together her plans. She was very responsible and adult about it. In some ways, Bay’s been the most grown up person in the family since Angelo died. She’s taken everything like a trooper and done her best to keep everyone else happy and safe. Taking the fall for Daphne seems to be part of that, I just hope it doesn’t ruin her future as well.

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Besides the drama involving Bay and Daphne, there was also the closing of Carlton. I know we’ve seen that threat before but something tells me they really mean it this time. It’s a sad thought though so my heart is wishing that it’s just another ploy and that Carlton will somehow come back again. The students we know and love may have graduated, but what about other students who could benefit from the school?

Speaking of graduation, it was a treat to see everyone come together for their final moments at Carlton. Travis’ story once again made my heart happy, while simultaneously bringing me to tears (dang, he is so good at that). When Mary Beth asked about his mother, I was completely on Travis’ side. Why would he call a mother who cared so little about him that she never bothered to learn how to sign and let him move out and live with another family? That being said, I cried like a baby when his mom showed up at the ceremony and signed how proud she was of him.

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This season has seen the characters through highs and lows unlike the two previous seasons. What will Season 4 bring? We’ll have to wait at least until this winter to find out, which is when Switched at Birth is airing their first Christmas special.

My favorite bits:

John pointing out that Bay following Emmett to Los Angeles wasn’t exactly an adult move.

Kind of loving the fact that John has learned enough ASL to sign a snide message behind Bay’s back.

Laughing out loud when Bay discovered how expensive apartments are in Los Angeles.

Daphne saying that she wanted to fess up to what she had done. Good for her.

Daphne: “I just want one last day with you guys, before everything changes.”

The girls in their robes, talking about the first day they met.

Daphne’s speech. I can’t point out just one part because it was all great.

Travis’ mother not only showing up, but signing how proud she was of him. So many tears.

Everyone singing along with Sharee as she sang. So many more tears.

Emmett thanking Daphne for getting switched at birth so that he could meet Bay. Too sweet.

Bay revealing the picture of Angelo in her robe. Gah, too many tears.

Bay: “Don’t worry, this will give me mad street cred as an artist.”

What did you think of this episode of Switched at Birth? Do you think Daphne should pay for what she’s done or were you happy that Bay saved her?

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