PHOTOS: Drake, Nicki Minaj and her anaconda get way too sexual on Instagram

Aug 18, 2014 at 7:08 p.m. ET
Image: WENN

If Drake's recent Instagram photos are any indication, Nicki Minaj's video for her new single, "Anaconda," is going to be pretty scandalous.

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It seems like Minaj is taking a page from Miley Cyrus' book when it comes to showing off her sexuality, and not in a good way.

Drake was invited to participate in the shoot and apparently got so excited that he had to take to social media Monday afternoon to share.

The photos show Minaj wearing tight black Spandex-looking pants with holes exposing her legs and body all the way up the side. A black and pink bra, stiletto boots and a hat complete the nearly-bare look. The four images show Minaj getting all up in Drake's space with a very intimate lap dance we're not sure we want to be privy to.

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In the first image, Minaj is groping at Drake, while he leans back in the chair he's sitting in, clearly enjoying the singer's attention.


Drake captioned the photo, "Ayyyyyyyye @nickiminaj way way wayyyyyy up. Def the best invite to a video shoot EVER. #ViewsFromMyChair #MyAnacondaWasWayUp."

TMI, anyone?

Drake doesn't stop there, either.


Nicki Minaj also shared the images on her Instagram page, promoting the steamy video.


The songstress didn't have as many words of praise as Drake did for the performance, but simply added "#AnacondaVidWednesdayOnVevo" to remind fans.

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"I was probably thanking the higher ups for that very moment," Drake says of this final photo.

The "Anaconda" video will be released Wednesday on Vevo. The song is the second single off the singer's upcoming The Pink Print LP. Minaj is expected to hit the 2014 MTV Music Awards stage on Aug. 24 to debut her performance of the track.

What do you think of Drake and Nicki Minaj's sexy photos?