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Jon Hamm gets Elisabeth Moss to reveal her girl crush

Mad Men has already wrapped, as fans eagerly anticipate the second part of Season 7. But viewers who are looking for something to tide them over can look at Gotham magazine’s fall fashion issue. Jon Hamm interviewed his co-star and friend, Elisabeth Moss, for the cover story.

With the series officially done for the actors, Moss is moving on to other projects, like her new films, The One I Love and Listen Up Philip. Hamm asked the Golden Globe winner about developing a new character after eight years of comfortably playing Peggy Olson on the AMC show.

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She responded, “It’s a lot scarier. We’ve had so much time to live with the characters on Mad Men. We’ve grown and changed with them.”

Moss also goes on to reveal who her girl crush is and the heavy-hitters in the entertainment industry whom she’s aiming to work with.

“I think as far as actors, my girl crush is Marion Cotillard. She would definitely top my list. As for filmmakers, I would kill to work with the Coen brothers. And Spike Jonze. And then there are your big guns, whom everyone would like to work with, like Scorsese and Baz Luhrmann,” she said.

It’s also working and being on the set that makes Moss the happiest, even when she’s having a bad day.

She revealed, “I’ve had hard times; that’s for sure. Not everyone I’ve worked with has been a f***ing angel, but I am happiest when I’m at work. I know what I’m doing. Regardless of what else is happening in my life, I can go to work and things are okay.”

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Hamm goes on to ask her the classic dinner party question about who she would invite, living or dead, to her table.

Her answer provided a bit of insight to the thoughtful quality in her personal life and in her work. Moss answered, “Charlie Chaplin, because I love his work. But also because you never got to hear him talk much. I would also say Edward Hopper [the painter]. Marion Cotillard, to add some beauty to the dinner. And you.”

Mad Men‘s final season begins in 2015.

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