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Taylor Swift’s new album: Who will she sing about this time?

It is the moment all Swifties have been waiting for — Taylor Swift has finally released the details of her new album. The singer announced that she will be releasing 1989 on Oct. 27. She also released the video for her first single, “Shake It Off.”

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Swift has sung about her exes in the past, including Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer and Harry Styles.

Based on the first single, it looks like Swift will be following her tradition of talking about old boyfriends, but will she go further this time? Since her last album was released in 2012, Swift has mostly stayed out of the dating scene. So, is it possible she will also be singing about friendships this time?

Here are some people we think she will talk about on the new album:

Harry Styles

This one is pretty obvious. Not only is her song, “I Knew You Were Trouble,” rumored to be about her ex, but she has dated him since writing Red. The two obviously have some chemistry together, but Styles may just be too young to want to settle down — with anyone. Since Swift is no stranger to taking out her feelings (including anger) on her exes, Styles’ name or likeness will most likely make an appearance on the album.

Selena Gomez

Gomez may be Swift’s biggest heartbreak to date. The former BFFs seemed to have a falling out and it’s likely Swift will divert from her boyfriend-singing formula to talk about her friend, as well.

Despite the falling out, T-Swift and Gomez appear to be the bestest of friends again. Not only did Swift wish Gomez a happy birthday back in July, but Gomez also recently accepted Swift’s nomination for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

However, because of the troubles with their friendship, it’s also likely that Swift will sing about…

Justin Bieber

It’s likely Swift blames Bieber for her loss of friendship with Gomez. Although she has never dated him — and based on past experiences, probably never, ever would — it seems she still holds some bad feelings towards him.

Conor Kennedy

Swift and Kennedy’s relationship didn’t last long, but the singer seemed smitten for a short while. Not only is she a huge fan of his family, she also bought a house near where his family lives. Kennedy was a little young for Swift (he was still in high school during their relationship) and it wouldn’t be too difficult to pinpoint any song about him.

Eddie Redmayne

This one seems less likely for a few reasons: 1. Their relationship has never been confirmed, and 2. They reportedly dated in 2011, according to Billboard, before Swift’s album, Red, came out (meaning if she wanted to write about him, she could have done it then).

The reason there is a big chance he could be on the new album is because he has since gotten engaged. The Les Misérables actor popped the question to Hannah Bagshawe back in June.

There is nothing quite like an ex’s happiness to bring feelings to the surface.

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Swift held a livestream on Yahoo! on Monday, Aug. 18 to announce her album. She said it will be an ode to the late ’80s, and the album’s name is also her birth year. The album will be out Oct. 27.

Tell us: Who do you think T-Swift will sing about on her new album?

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