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Fergie’s baby son can French kiss and walk

Not only can Fergie’s son, Axl, French kiss, he can now also walk. The proud mom revealed the story of her 11-month-old tot’s first steps to Us Weekly during a recent #MoreKisses Wet n Wild event at Walgreens in Los Angeles, California, last Thursday, Aug. 14.

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He just had his first steps [on] August 12th,” the former Black Eyed Peas songstress boasted. “I was shocked! He climbed up the stairs and he climbed back down. I was helping him back down and he got up the stairs and he [stretched out his arms] and came to me!

“It was exhilarating! I just thought, ‘Did my son just walk?'” she said of her baby boy with husband, Josh Duhamel, who unfortunately missed his son’s first steps.

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“He was at work. I felt so bad! But you know, we’re both working parents so each of us are going to get different gifts,” Fergie told the mag.

Fergie and Duhamel truly seem to be loving parenthood, and we wouldn’t be surprised if another bundle of joy joined their little family in the near future. The blonde beauty previously gushed about her son during her appearance on E!’s Chelsea Lately last Thursday.

“My son likes to French kiss me a lot. It’s so delicious!” Fergie said. “He goes in for the kill, but I’ll have to cut that off at a certain age, or else that’ll be weird.”

Although, the singer has admitted that, since having her child, her social life has gone out the window, her and her hubby still try to make time for date nights.

“We’ll have a date night and we’ll say goodbye to Axl and we’ll go on a date [and] we don’t decide where we’re going out to dinner,” Fergie said to Us Weekly. “We’ll just kind of drive around, maybe we’ll go have a drink at some new place, we’ll just drive around and see whatever piques our curiosity. Sometimes we’ll go to a dive bar, we’ll play darts… whatever is of the moment!”

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