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Squee! Taylor Swift announces new album, shakes off country

It’s a huge date for Taylor Swift fans. Not only did she release a new single and video, but she also announced her new album, 1989, and its release date — Oct. 27. What we’re most excited about, though, is how the new single, “Shake It Off,” seems to suggest she’s finally embracing her more pop, less country sound. Never has a Taylor Swift single felt so real and so true to the singer.

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Let’s face it: We’re all pretty sick of the acoustic guitar, the lonely princess trope and the almost-always brokenhearted singing that have made up Taylor Swift’s entire catalog thus far. It was cute at 16 and 18 and tolerable at 20. But by 23, we were ready for more. More than fake banjo strumming. More than big nerd glasses. And more than prairie dresses and silly faces covering up slightly off-key performances.

This, dear Swifties, is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.

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Swift lost her “accent” a long time ago and has continually let go of the acoustic guitar, but until “Shake It Off,” the singer continued to try to hold on to her last little bit of “country.” Why? Our best guess is that Swift was afraid losing her title as country’s darling would put her in a league with pop princesses, with whom she may not be able to properly compete. And, OK, she may have a bit of a struggle keeping up with the likes of Rihanna and Miley when she’s not quite desperate enough for sexual attention to dress the way they do.

But that’s OK. What she’s offering up in her new single is fun, sassy pop that isn’t oversexualized or provocative for the sake of being scandalous. And that means we kind of love it. “Shake It Off” offers up funky horns, a bouncing beat and a talking breakdown we don’t hate. All in all, we call this a win.

Now, if we can just get her out of those damn nerd-like glasses.

Swift’s newest album, 1989, releases on Oct. 27. Hopefully, “Shake It Off” is a sign of awesome, pop-y things to come.

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