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Jason Statham crushes Jimmy Fallon with giant ball (VIDEO)

Jason Statham crushed Jimmy Fallon in a hamster-style race where the pair rolled around in two giant blow-up balls.

In another of Fallon’s crazy Tonight Show stunts, the funny host challenged Statham to a hamster ball race outside of the show’s studio on Friday night. The pair, who donned spiffy race car-style overalls, jumped inside two giant plastic balls to see who’d make it back to the winning spot.

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“Jason and I will get inside these hamster balls,” Fallon told the audience. “We’re gonna race to the end of the plaza, go around Hashtag, our dancing Panda on the platform, then the first one who can get back here and get their hamster ball into this red ring is the Hamster Ball Grand Champion.”

Statham, racing in the blue ball, looked like a true hamster ball professional and quickly took the lead. The Crank actor left Fallon in the dust as the late-night host struggled to make his red ball move down the path. On his way back to the red ring, Statham got stuck as Fallon got in his way, but he trampled on and made it to the end with no problem at all.

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As Statham rolled into the winner’s circle, Fallon got out of his ball and ran over to congratulate his crushing opponent. Seemingly out of breath, Fallon came up to the blue ball and pointed at the winner, saying “Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, there’s a champ! The best guy, Jason Statham, up here… you killed me, buddy — I couldn’t do it.”

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