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True Blood review: Everyone couples up except Sookie

Tonight’s episode of True Blood marks the second-to-last episode of the series. Next week, we’ll see the conclusion to the popular drama that has pushed the limits of our vampire love for the past seven seasons and, to be honest, we’re ready for it.

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This episode does a good job of giving us a few key moments to help wrap up the series. And they aren’t action moments at all. In fact, they focus on conversations of characters’ motivations that help us feel at peace with key decisions we’ve seen evolve this season.

Switching sides

The biggest decision led to my favorite scene of the night, and maybe the best scene this season. Bill (Stephen Moyer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) discuss Bill’s decision not to drink the cure from Sarah. Everyone, especially Sookie (Anna Paquin) and Jessica, are against Bill for this choice, and we’re right along with them. It seems like such a cop-out for him to just die.

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But then he explains it. And we totally get it. Essentially, he tells Eric the reason Sookie is attracted to them is because she’s attracted to their darkness in the same way they’re attracted to her light. By dying, Bill frees Sookie to live her life in the light. Plus, how logical was their relationship ever going to be? Just like that, we become Team Bill to the death.

Reunited and it feels so good

Really, though, tonight we could forget Bill, Sookie and Eric altogether because our favorite couple of the series is back.

OK, OK, OK, Hoyt and Jessica getting back together is totally cheesy and kinda hokey, but we absolutely adored every minute of it, even with Jason’s creepy background voice-over of how perfect they are for each other despite all their time apart. Is it just us or has Hoyt totally gotten more attractive?

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Jessica absolutely deserved this happily-ever-after, especially after all the Bill drama tonight. The show gets praise for this one because it was the one moment we absolutely didn’t want to be left hanging on.

The endless love triangle

In other news, Eric may be the love counselor tonight, but we couldn’t help but notice how he so dashingly swept Sookie off her feet for a romantic flight home. Since Bill is so eager to meet his maker, does this mean Eric will be the one to ultimately end up with Sookie?

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After so many seasons watching her ups and downs with love, we’re now wondering if the show will end with her alone. It seems like a really sad but realistic possibility that Sookie will be the only one to not couple up by the show’s conclusion. We just can’t accept that as a likely scenario, which means if Bill’s out, Eric’s in. Especially because it looks like he might be sweeping in to save the day since Mr. Gus Jr. wants to know where Sookie lives. We all know Eric will do anything to save two people: Pam and Sookie. Both girls are at risk at the end of tonight’s episode.

We know there’s only one episode left, and it’s unlikely the show will switch things up so drastically at the last minute, but Sookie and Eric seemed to be really jibing tonight. Either that or Bill will decide not to die.

Do you think Sookie should end up with Bill, Eric or alone?

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