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Bill Gates still reigns as nerd king with ice bucket challenge

Bill Gates is da man. When Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg challenged Gates to the ALS ice bucket challenge, the legendary billionaire accepted with style.

Challenge accepted. That’s what Gates said when Zuckerberg challenged him to what has become a viral awareness and donation drive for ALS (Lou Gehrig disease). The idea is that, once you have been challenged by another participant, you either cough up a donation or get doused with a bucket of ice water. Like most, Gates agrees to donate and get doused.

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Unlike most, Gates geeks out on the task in an effort to “do it better than it’s been done.” He drafts up plans and a hilarious (though seemingly highly unscientific) prototype. Next we see Gates building and welding his own design (also hilarious, as we’re certain he has “people” for this type of thing). Each time someone accepts the challenge, they challenge three more people. Gates invites Elon Musk, Ryan Seacrest and Chris Anderson from TED to join in the ice-bucket-over-the-head fun. The slow-mo is a nice touch, too. Behold, quite possibly the coolest (pun intended) and certainly the nerdiest ALS ice-bucket challenge video.

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