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Casey Kasem to be buried… in Norway?

A government official in Norway told a local paper that an application has been made for legendary radio DJ Casey Kasem’s body to be buried in Oslo.

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Kasem died in June at age 82 amid major tension between his wife, Jean Kasem, and his kids from a previous marriage, who accused their stepmom of abusing him. They’ve been in a dispute over Kasem’s remains since he died, especially after Jean moved his body to Ontario, Canada, a move the kids say was intended to keep Kasem’s body out of their hands.

Police in Santa Monica, where Kasem was hospitalized, are investigating the abuse allegations. Kasem’s daughter, Kerri, is pushing for a full autopsy.

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Kerri’s spokesman, Danny Deraney, told Billboard that Jean Kasem seems to be trying to hold up the investigation.

“We just know that she wants to keep Casey away from family and friends and by the looks of it, [is] hiding from law enforcement,” he said.

Kasem, known for voicing Shaggy in Scooby Doo cartoons and movies and for hosting the American Top 40 radio show, suffered from dementia before he died. His wife moved him from the hospital in Santa Monica to Las Vegas and then to Washington state, where a private investigator hired by Kasem’s children tracked them down.

Jean Kasem also moved his body out of the country after he died, despite a court order saying it couldn’t leave a funeral home in Tacoma.

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Kasem’s children are now wondering why on earth their stepmom has the body bound for Oslo. They say Kasem had no ties to Norway.

“I don’t know if Jean has any ties to Oslo,” Kasem’s son Mike told Billboard. “She certainly has never mentioned it in the last 35 years. Everyone keeps asking for motives as to why Jean acts how she acts. I don’t have an answer.”

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