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Six seasons and a movie! Community is almost back

The “six seasons and a movie” rallying cry of Community‘s hardcore fans has finally paid off.

When NBC canceled Community at the end of Season 5, it looked to be the end for the cult sitcom, but Yahoo swooped in to the rescue. Whether or not it was officially canceled, Community is the show that can’t be kept down, and now it’s found new life as a streaming web series.

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Now all that’s left is to hope for the movie. Sony, are you listening? Give the people what they want!

The new trailer promises a lot of fun, opening with a brief recap of the first five seasons before intoning the familiar intro to The Six Million Dollar Man. Yahoo’s promise to Community? “We can rebuild you. We can make you stronger.” And we’re dying to see if Yahoo keeps its word.

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We’re optimistic about the new season, particularly knowing that creator Dan Harmon is still at the helm. While Community‘s fourth season was an overall disappointment, containing all the pop-culture references but missing that acerbic spark of the first three seasons, we saw things turn around in Season 5. The edge was back, with a few stellar episodes reminiscent of the show’s glory days, including Donald Glover’s farewell episode as the school engaged in a massive game of Hot Lava and an homage to gritty serial killer movies with the rampage of the Greendale Cracker.

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We’ll have to wait a little longer to get a glimpse of the new Community‘s first few episodes, but in the meantime, this trailer’s got us excited to head back to Greendale for another year of hilarious underachieving.

Fingers crossed we’ll get another look at Danny Pudi’s absolutely flawless Nicholas Cage impersonation.

Will you be watching the newest web-only version of Community?

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