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10 Things you don’t know about country singer RaeLynn

Since country singer RaeLynn finished third on The Voice in 2012, a lot has changed for the spirited blonde beauty. “I’ve learned a lot about myself,” she told us with her trademark twang. “I’ve been in Nashville writing every day, just figuring myself out these last couple of years.”

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And, today, she’s got a lot to show for it. She just premiered the dreamy video for her debut single, “God Made Girls,” and the song and the girl singin’ it are creating some major buzz (you have to check the cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All That Bass” she just posted).

Proving she’s every bit as adorable as we imagined — and maybe even more so — RaeLynn let us grill her about everything from her favorite movie theater snack to hanging out with her mentors, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton.

1. What’s the best advice Miranda and Blake have ever given you?

“Definitely to stay true to myself. They told me, ‘You never want to be a lukewarm artist — you always want to be polarizing. You always want to be different, and don’t change that about you because that’s what makes you special, Rae.’ And they’ve always told me to stick to that. And that has totally stuck with me, because I don’t want to be anyone else. I want to be unique… I want to be like me.”

2. You’ve basically been adopted into the Lambert/Shelton family, and honestly you look like you could be their kin anyway. What’s life on the farm like with those two?

“Oh my gosh, it’s just fun and crazy. They just hang out and chill and eat lots of food and play some cards and laugh and cut up. Me and Blake like to watch random, funny YouTube videos — that’s me and his little bonding thing that we do.”

3. What always makes you cry?

“I always — gosh, that’s so hard — I always cry when I watch The Notebook. Isn’t that sad? Every time. Every time I cry.”

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4. Is there any high school milestone you missed that you’d like to recreate?

“Well, I was really mad that I never got to go to prom. But then I get to go to all these awards shows, and that’s way cooler than prom!” she laughed. “But I did get upset that I didn’t get to go to prom.”

5. What’s the best movie theater snack?

“OK, not all movie theaters have it, but my favorite movie theater snack is to eat a pickle at the movie theater. In Texas, you can get a pickle at the movie theaters, and I love eating pickles.”

6. What phone app could you never live without?

“My Instagram app.”

7. If you were getting married tomorrow, what would your first dance song be?

“Oh my God, that’s so hard! It would probably be a dramatic Coldplay song. I love Coldplay.”

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8. Who is your favorite fairytale princess?

“I’m obsessed with Tinker Bell, but I do really love Cinderella. But I grew up liking the fairies and the mermaids. Oh, Ariel! Ariel’s a fairytale princess. I think she’s my favorite. Actually, Rapunzel’s awesome, too. Rapunzel’s my new one. But as for a classic one, definitely The Little Mermaid.”

9. What has been your best Halloween costume to date?

“Speaking of fairies, last year I was like, ‘I want to be a fairy.’ And then when I got my outfit on, I just looked too much like myself. So I went and found a beard and I was a redneck fairy.”

10. Outside of Miranda and Blake, which celeb do you think would make a great BFF?

“Katy Perry, for sure.”

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