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Did Beyoncé photoshop another Instagram photo?

Beyoncé isn’t as flawless as we thought. Just take a look at a suspicious new photo that Queen Bey posted of herself on Instagram a few days ago. In the shot, the 2014 Michael Jackson Video Vanguard recipient looks awfully odd as she sits on the couch of an outdoor deck.

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Even though her hair and outfit are on point, there has been a growing concern among her BeyHive when it comes to her thigh in the photo. If you look closely, part of her bottom leg looks edited, and it’s even more noticeable due to the abnormal curves of an empty wine glass and a cell phone on the table in front of her. I’ve never seen my iPhone curve like that. To make matters worse, it doesn’t even seem like the edit was needed in the first place.

This isn’t the first time Bey has been accused of giving a little touch-up to one of her Instagram photos. Back in April, the singer posted a few shots of her playing golf, but one of the photos had a noticeably large gap in between her thighs. Computers and phones can make some amazing edits and then they can make some not-so-amazing edits. This is likely an example of the latter.

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Squeezing and pitching photos on Instagram is a fairly common practice among some female celebrities, but at least make these edits look realistic if you want to give your photo a little touch-up, or you could always just upload a different photo. Just saying!

Do you think Bey photoshopped her Instagram photo? Share your critiques in the comments section below.

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