Watch Michael Jackson's new video that made Twitter history (VIDEO)

Aug 15, 2014 at 2:13 p.m. ET
Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Leave it to the King of Pop, the original music video superstar Michael Jackson, to break social media history years after his death. Seriously. Jackson's new video from Xscape's "A Place With No Name" graced the world for the first time Wednesday evening on Twitter. This was yet another first under the King of Pop's posthumous belt, as it marked the first time a music video has debuted exclusively on Twitter.

"A Place With No Name" is not the first single off of Michael Jackson's Xscape, but it is certainly the most groundbreaking in its music history footprint. After clips from the video were teased on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance Wednesday evening, the full video was posted via a concise tweet on the late icon's Twitter handle. While artists have previously looked to Twitter to share new clips or make fans aware of news, in-tweet video is a new feature offered by the social media behemoth and MJ is the first to use the feature to release an entire video. Would we expect any less, even posthumously? Nope.

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Adding to the hugeness of its Twitter release, the vid was also shown simultaneously on a giant screen in New York City's Times Square. It was a night with a whole lot of MJ.

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If you're a fairly serious Michael Jackson fan, watching the "A Place With No Name" video is at times quite reminiscent of his early '90s "In the Closet" video off of the Dangerous album. In fact, the videos bear a striking resemblance to each other. That's probably because "A Place With No Name" features actual clips throughout from the Herb Ritts-shot "In the Closet" video itself. We see a '90s MJ, clad in a signature outfit of white tank and black pants, dancing provocatively in the desert. In addition to these rare old clips from "ITC," "APWNN" adds some new scenes of (obviously) non-Jackson material. This new material includes a young, modern couple singing and ahem, dancing, along to the "APWNN" lyrics in their own seemingly private desert.

As reported by Jackson's estate, the late singer recorded "A Place With No Name" in 1998 with the song remaining unreleased until Xscape's eventual release in May 2014. Xscape is the sophomore posthumous album release from Mr. Jackson, after the less-unique freshman release of the Michael album.

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With the thrill (no pun intended) of the unexpected yet awesome video release of "A Place With No Name," we can only hope for more releases to come. MJ has never disappointed and we don't think he will start now.