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10 Things to Know About Tiffany Trump

Politics aside, it can’t be easy to be the daughter of the president, especially when people ostracize you just because they disagree with your dad’s political views.

But Tiffany Trump is taking it all in stride, and she actually seems like she’s kind of cool — and she’s definitely not all up in the family business. She’s trying to make her own way in the world. Regardless of whom you voted for, it’s hard to slam a gal who’s smart, talented and, best of all, absolutely loves her mama. Here’s what you need to know about the youngest Trump daughter.

1. She spent Christmas 2017 at Mar-a-Lago

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She celebrated first with her mother in California and then flew to be with her sister and father at Mar-a-Lago.

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2. Her boyfriend is a Democrat

Donald is a Republican president, but Tiffany’s BF, Ross Mechanic, is — *gasp* — a registered Democrat according to the International Business Times. That hasn’t stopped Mechanic from showing up to political events like the Republican National Convention with Tiffany.

3. Marla Maples is her mother

Remember the scandal Marla Maples caused in the ’90s when she had a long-running affair with the then-married Trump? Everyone saw Maples as the home-wrecker who torpedoed Trump’s 12-year marriage to wife Ivana Trump. Once the divorce dust settled, Maples and Trump married two months after Tiffany Trump was born. Now baby Tiffany is all grown up. Say what you will about Maples — she’s still beautiful in her 50s, and she somehow raised a Trump heir in near anonymity.

4. Tiffany & her mom are very close

Once the Maples/Trump empire collapsed, mother and daughter moved to California and forged a strong bond. Maples told Oprah Winfrey on Where Are They Now? that Donald Trump supported his daughter financially but that she considered herself a single parent when it came to the actual parenting. When Tiffany was a teen, she and her mother cooked, played tennis together and formed a close relationship. Tiffany told the Daily Mail, “We’ve always been very close since she did raise me as a single mom.”

5. She’s an Ivy Leaguer

Tiffany attended her father’s alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, and graduated in 2016 with a double major in sociology and urban studies. Even with the divorce between them, both of her parents bit the bullet and showed up to give their support along with siblings Ivanka and Barron.

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A version of this article was originally published in August 2014.

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