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Lionel Richie wrote his hit track “Lady” on the loo

Kenny Rogers and Lionel Richie have enjoyed immense success with the hit song “Lady,” which Richie penned for the country crooner. However, when Rogers appeared on the Today Show, he revealed that the inspiration behind the song came to the former Commodores singer while he was on the loo.

On Thursday’s morning show, the country star revealed that when his longtime friend Richie went to the bathroom in the recording studio back in the ’80s, he came out with the song lyrics for “Lady.”

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“I called Lionel, and I said, ‘I’d like for you to write a song for me,'” Rogers told Today correspondent Jenna Bush Hager, Us Weekly reports. “Lionel doesn’t write entire songs, he writes ideas.”

However, Richie needed a lot of pressure to finish off the lyrics for the song and only ended up doing so on the day the duo laid down the track in the studio.

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“We were in the studio recording the song, and I said, ‘Where’s the second verse?’ and they said, ‘Lionel’s in the toilet writing them right now,'” Rogers revealed. “He can’t write unless he has the pressure to write.”

However, the Country Music Hall of Fame member is unable to remember if the lyrics were written on toilet paper, or not, but confessed that Richie can go to the bathroom to focus.

“He went in there to kinda get away from everything and to focus,” Rogers said.

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Richie’s bathroom break was certainly a successful one because the song is now a recognizable classic and one of Rogers’ biggest hits, which even topped Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for six weeks!

Watch Kenny Rogers’ confession here.

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