Miley Cyrus proves she's the worst hotel guest, ever

Aug 15, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. ET
Image: Sakura/

Miley Cyrus has become a name synonymous with bad behavior, but the pop star doesn't seem to care.

The "Wrecking Ball" hit maker recently found herself in hot water when she allegedly trashed the lavish Greenwich Hotel in New York City, New York, on Aug. 2.

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The singer and the rest of her entourage were said to be displaying "out of control" behavior in the lobby of the hotel earlier this month, and when confronted by management, she allegedly lashed out at them, telling them they were lucky to have her.

So what was Cyrus doing this time? Apparently, she and her entourage were screaming, swearing and jumping on expensive furniture in the lobby, and a source has revealed the details of the star's bad behavior to Life & Style magazine.

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"It was like a tornado hit the lobby. Miley and her posse took over, screaming and carrying on so much that management received a number of complaints," the source said.

Apparently, guests were also shocked to see that someone in the group was smoking pot.

"It was the kind of bad behavior you'd expect from a bunch of juvenile delinquents," the source added.

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Unhappy about being told to calm down, the former Disney Channel star apparently shouted to management that, "she's spent so much money there that they should be glad to have her," the source said. "She basically threw a tantrum and acted like a spoiled brat."

Cyrus is known for her controversial behavior and attention-seeking antics, so perhaps this was all a clever ploy to grab the attention of the media, once again.

Tell us: Is Miley Cyrus out of control? Or is she still just young and making mistakes?