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REVIEW: A to Z digital premiere is cuteness overload

With a month left to go until the official network premiere of NBC’s new show A to Z, internet users are in the unique position of being able see the show early, thanks to iHeartRadio. Now that we’ve seen the much-anticipated new show, what do we think? We’re intrigued, to say the least.

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A to Z tells the story of Andrew (A) and Zelda (Z) and their entire relationship — which we know, from the very beginning, that they only date for around eight weeks. In the premiere episode, we have the privilege of watching them stumble from strangers to acquaintances to something a little bit more. When Zelda shows up at Andrew’s office to talk to his boss, he’s enamored at first sight and then soon decides it’s not actually even first sight — he saw her years before at some hipster concert. There’s just one problem: Andrew believes in soul mates, destiny, the whole nine yards. And that scares the crap out of Zelda. But we kind of love it.

It’s basically a romcom

Sometimes romantic comedies are a little cheesy. There are sometimes those movies, though, can leave us feeling like we want to stay with the newly formed couple and witness their happily-ever-after. So far, A to Z feels like a more detailed, less rushed romantic film. Right now we’re experiencing the meet-cute. It has the potential, though, to take us all the way past where credits would roll on a film.

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We’re so stoked for more Cristin Milioti

That last season of How I Met Your Mother was such a tease. From the instant we saw Milioti on the screen, we fell in love with her, but she wasn’t around a whole lot during the final season and it just wasn’t enough. Seeing her again is pure joy.

And Ben Feldman

We haven’t seen him shirtless yet, but we assume he still actually has both his nipples. Either way, he’s just as sweet and crushable as he was as Ginsberg on Mad Men, but infinitely less crazy. Well, OK, he’s a little stalkerish. But it’s 2014. That’s just life.

Ready to experience the love story of Andrew and Zelda? A to Z starts Oct. 2 at 9:30/8:30c.

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