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Lifetime is producing unauthorized Brittany Murphy biopic

Lifetime is ready to take on the portrayal of yet another beloved celebrity’s life and death.

The network announced on Tuesday that it is releasing a two-hour movie special about Brittany Murphy, according to Entertainment Tonight. The Brittany Murphy Story will air on Saturday, Sept. 6 and stars Grey’s Anatomy actress, Amanda Fuller, in the title role. Sherilyn Fenn will portray Murphy’s mother, Sharon Murphy.

The film will follow Brittany’s career launch as a child, through to her untimely death. Sharon has not cooperated with Lifetime in the making of the film or offered any of her own insight, according to the Hollywood Reporter, via ET.

Brittany died suddenly in 2009 at the age of 32. An autopsy stated the official cause of death was cardiac arrest and Brittany had been suffering from what was thought to be a respiratory infection for about a week prior to passing. According to notes from an investigator at the coroner’s office, she “had been complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain” about a week before dying. A toxicology report found that Brittany had numerous drugs in her system at the time of death, but none were illegal. The coroner also stated that Brittany’s respiratory infection was most likely actually acute pneumonia and her condition was compounded by the large amount of medications present in her body.

The actress’s husband, Simon Monjack, was found dead just five months after Brittany’s passing and the conditions of his death were very similar to his wife’s. Monjack’s sudden death gave rise to conspiracy death theories, some saying that both Brittany and Monjack fell victim to an intentional poisoning and that the couple had been killed by the government. Sharon denies the sinister claims and says that Brittany and Monjack’s deaths were caused by toxic mold in the couple’s Los Angeles home.

“Her [Brittany’s] desperation for approval and insecurity about her looks makes her personal life a disaster,” Lifetime said in a statement about the movie. “Unlike other stage moms, Sharon was always her daughter’s support system, but that enduring love wasn’t enough to save her sensitive Brittany from the vicissitudes of Hollywood life.”

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