Erin Andrews is open to plastic surgery — someday

Aug 14, 2014 at 6:30 p.m. ET

Erin Andrews is a sports reporter and the host of Dancing With the Stars, and it looks like she may be feeling the pressure to keep her looks. Andrews opened up about the possibility of plastic surgery, but it may be far into the future.

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"I've never done it, but I'm curious about all of it. I've seen great work, and I think we've all seen bad," Andrews told Health magazine. "I'm sure there will be a time in my life when I'll want to look into it, but it's just not right now."

Andrews not only deals with having to look good on the air, but also with the added invasion of privacy social media offers, and she sees a lot of backlash over photos she posts.

"I recently Tweeted a photo of a David Yurman ring I was wearing, and I didn't have any moisturizer on, and they were like, 'Your hands look like the old lady from Titanic. But you know what? This is coming from a person whose avatar is a cat. So what do you want from me?"

Although she tries not to let it get to her, she said, "It's hard when somebody says something and you want to put them in their spot," she said of her Twitter haters. "I've gotten 'You look like Brad Pitt' or that I look like a bird, and I'm just like, 'Really?'"

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Andrews grew up in a sports family and she recently replaced Pam Oliver on the Fox sidelines. Despite the haters, she said she is proud to have built the career she has, but she never realized being a woman in sports would be such a big deal.

"I didn't even think about it until I was in the industry and people started bringing it up," she said. "I always saw so many women do it on television. Hannah Storm, who did NBA on NBC, was a big influence. Monday Night Football's Melissa Stark showed that it was OK to be, like, really good-looking and know everything about the NFL. The first time I met her face-to-face, I geeked out and told her she was my Michael Jordan."