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O.J. Simpson’s creepy obsession with Kim Kardashian

Is it possible that O.J. Simpson has a thing for Kim Kardashian? RadarOnline is reporting that the disgraced athlete has photos of the reality star all over his jail cell.

According to the website’s source, “He has several sexy pictures of Kim hanging up in his prison cell from her 2007 Playboy shoot and he isn’t shy about showing her picture to fellow inmates.”

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Besides being an inmate, the creepy thing about his odd worship of her is based on the fact that her deceased father, Robert Kardashian, represented O.J. in the murder trial of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The Simpson and Kardashian families were longtime friends who often vacationed together. At the time, Kim was just a kid.

The insider continued, “O.J. said he always thought [she] was a cute girl when she was younger, but it has only been since he’s been in prison his infatuation with her has grown to a full-blown obsession. He reads every magazine he can about her and when she is on TV he demands silence from his fellow inmates so he can watch without interruption. He’s even tried to get in contact with her, but so far she hasn’t responded to him.”

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O.J. apparently doesn’t care that Kim is a married woman because he thinks he’s the perfect catch for the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

He reportedly told a friend, “As long as I am in prison, I can’t be with her so Kanye can have her for now. But when I get out she’s mine.”

Kim will have to wait a while for that to happen, since he’s currently serving a 33-year sentence at the Lovelock Correctional Center in Lovelock, Nevada. The conviction stems from a 2008 robbery and kidnapping case.

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