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Scandal‘s Shonda Rhimes is just as excited as we are for Shondaland Thursdays

Shonda Rhimes is taking over ABC’s Thursdays this fall, with three shows airing from her production company, Shondaland, all in one night.

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The executive producer’s hit shows, Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, will return to the network, with freshman series, How to Get Away With Murder, also premiering on the same night.

In the September issue of Marie Claire, Rhimes said her career highlight has been “having three shows from Shondaland air on one night on one network. Owning Thursday night on ABC this fall is incredibly exciting.”

Marie Claire refers to Rhimes as “TV’s maestro of melodrama.”

Clearly, Rhimes has a full schedule, but she admits she doesn’t get through her day without a little help. “I’m very beverage-oriented,” Rhimes explained. “I drink a contestant supply of Starbucks iced green tea until about 5 p.m.” Rhimes said the beverage is her go-to pick-me-up. “Then I switch to a lovely glass of wine.”

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Though Rhimes is at the top of her career today, she definitely worked her way up the ladder. She said her first job was at Baskin Robbins. At 16, she was driven to make some cash because, “I wanted a miniskirt and a hot-pink, off the shoulder top (it was the ’80s, and I wanted to look like Madonna). My mother told me that I could wear trashy clothes when I had my own money.”

We’re guessing she’s not struggling to buy miniskirts anymore, both because of her success and her refined sense of style.

Rhimes’ new show, How to Get Away With Murder, stars Viola Davis (The HelpDoubt) and Charlie Weber (90210Buffy the Vampire Slayer). The series is described as a sexy, suspenseful legal thriller that follows a group of law students and their mysterious professor (Davis), who get involved in a murder plot. It will premiere Sept. 25.

Read the full interview with Rhimes in Marie Claire‘s September issue, which goes on sale Aug. 19.

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