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American Horror Story adds world’s smallest woman to cast

FX’s hit series American Horror Story has added a new cast member to its Freak Show season. We’re excited to see the world’s smallest woman on the show and wonder who else could be next.

So far, the news of AHS Season 4 makes it sound like it could be the best, and freakiest, season yet. The series is set to move back in time once again, this time to 1950s Florida, to follow the people involved in a freak show on an old carnival circuit. It will take place during a time when the term “politically correct” didn’t even exist and when people who were different were sometimes willing to let themselves be viewed for the cost of a ticket price.

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Details about Freak Show are slowly coming out, including news that Sarah Paulson would be playing conjoined twins and that Patti LaBelle would be playing Gabourey Sidibe’s mother. There was also news that the season’s big bad will be a character known as Twisty the Clown.

The latest bit of casting news is very exciting. Jyoti Amge, who holds the Guinness World Record for being the smallest living woman, has been cast in the show. It’s interesting to note that the series represents a time when someone like Amge may have only been able to find work at a freak show, but now she can be an example of how much things have changed since those darker times.

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With the addition of Amge to the cast, could it be that American Horror Story may be hiring other actors who are special in some way? According to Guinness, the tallest living man is currently Sultan Kösen from Turkey, who is 8 feet 3 inches tall. How fantastic would it be to see him on the show?

We know that Freak Show already has a set of conjoined twins, but what about real conjoined twins Abby and Brittany Hensel? If you’ve seen them on their TLC specials, then you know that they are sweet and funny and would make awesome members of the cast.

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Other great additions would be Elisany da Cruz Silva. Though not on record, she is an extremely tall woman who stands 6 feet 9 inches tall. Or perhaps Michèle Köbke, a woman who is known for wearing a corset every day for three years just so she can try to achieve the smallest waist in the world.

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