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Oxford Dictionaries adds 50 cray new phrases

I was going to try and fit all 50 of the new words from into this article, but that would just result in a lot of douchebaggery.

Luckily, douchebaggery is one of the words, so we’re totes still off to a good start!

The Oxford English Dictionary has made its latest quarterly listicle of amazeballs terms that have become highly-recognized parts of the English language. Before you’re all “SMH, FML” and start weeping into your neckbeard (one word), these 50 cray, sometimes fratty phrases won’t be in the ACTUAL dictionary. That would be a hot mess. They’re just additions to

The list reads as if a hyperconnected college freshman put Buzzfeed, Tumblr and coconut vodka in a blender and then vomited it out all over Twitter. There’s WDYT (what do you think?), YOLO, vape, mansplain, hot diggity, binge-watch and plenty of other super-autocorrect-unfriendly terms like: 

bro hug
air punch

The strangest new term? Probably pogonophobia, or the fear of beards.

My favorite has to be side boob, though. All of human progress has led us to the moment where side boob is a formally recognized part of the English language.

Great job, humanity!

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