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Will Extant be canceled? But wait, it’s Halle Berry!

CBS has learned that just because you advertise a show as an “event” and recruit a big movie star in the lead role, it doesn’t necessarily mean a huge hit. Here’s why we think Extant could be facing cancellation.

I’m going to be completely truthful and say that I haven’t seen a single episode of this series. It might seem odd that I would be writing about a show’s possible cancellation without watching it, but I think my attitude towards it is exactly why it’s not doing so well.

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When I first heard of Extant, I was pretty excited. I still remember the days when big movie stars never did TV series. It was almost like they turned their noses up at the medium. Then, suddenly, TV shows were getting the attention they deserved after people realized how wonderfully some of them were being written. Soon, movie stars were lining up to get their own TV series, tantalized by the idea of a steady gig and working with extremely talented creators.

Once movie actors began showing up on TV, fans were immediately drawn to these series that had big names in the leading roles. But it was just a matter of time before the novelty wore off and Extant may have fallen victim to that. No longer can a TV show survive by the reputation of its star alone. They actually have to be (gasp!) good.

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And that, my friends, is where Extant falls short. Like I said, I was intrigued by this show, but after reading reviews of the first episode, I wasn’t as enamored. Episodes began building up on my DVR and each time I would flip through to find something to watch, I would come to them and think, “Nah, isn’t there something else better on?”

The Hollywood Reporter theorized that one issue fans had was that Extant wasn’t living up to its “event” status. They expected the show to be epic and answer questions, but instead, it has been dragging. In one review, the show was cited not as “bad television,” but as “boring television.”

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If there are other viewers like me who are still holding onto episodes on their DVR, perhaps planning a marathon, these kinds of reviews don’t help the show’s cause. While Extant was supposed to get people pumped, it seems to have left most of them deflated. All of that spells bad news when it comes to a renewal.

What do you think of Extant? Do you think it could be facing cancellation?

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