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Primetime Emmys will pay tribute to Robin Williams

In a statement released by Primetime Emmy producer, Don Mischer, it was announced that the Emmys are planning a tribute to the enormously loved comedian, Robin Williams. According to Mischer, this will be aside from the regular “In Memoriam” section the award show usually devotes to those lost in the previous 12 months.

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“Plans for the In Memoriam segment are in discussion,” read the statement from Mischer. “While we are all still coming to terms with this week’s tragic news, we are working to give Robin Williams the proper and meaningful remembrance he so well deserves.”

Most of the world is still reeling from the loss of the renowned funnyman. News of Williams’ death and the love that Twitter users shared for the comedian brought Williams-related hashtags to lead the trending board. From “RIPRobin” to “MrsDoubtfire,” nearly all of the trending hashtags were related to Williams’ life and extensive résumé.

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Much is still up in the air regarding the Williams tribute. How do you pay tribute to a comedian who touched so many from such a span of generations? Will they use the moment to discuss depression? Will they keep things light and funny, just as Williams had a tendency to do? How long should the moment last? With Williams’ career spanning such a long time and with his list of friends, colleagues and worshipers seemingly countless, who will have the honor of stepping onto the stage to honor Williams?

News of Williams’ death sent an outpouring of love and shock from Hollywood and beyond. Anyone faced with the task of standing in front of millions of viewers and trying to form coherent sentences over the loss of Williams is in for a rough ride. While we don’t expect the Emmy tribute to offer much closure, we’re intrigued to see what they’ll bring to the table when the show airs in just 12 days. Will you tune in for the tribute?

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