Jamie Dornan gives more than lady boners in Fifty Shades

Aug 13, 2014 at 4:57 p.m. ET
Image: WENN.com

Many women across the globe are very eagerly awaiting the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey film, but apparently there'll be more to the movie than just ogling Jamie Dornan's hotness.

The screen adaptation of E L James' best-selling book is set for release on Valentine's Day next year, and apparently Dornan's on-screen performance is so good that co-screenwriter Kelly Marcel thinks that he is deserving of an Oscar.

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Marcel revealed during a Hollywood Q&A with Reza Aslan on Wednesday, Aug. 6, that Dornan is so versatile in his performance (including his sex scenes) that he deserves more than just praise, he deserves a golden statue.

When asked about the difficulty of writing a sex scene, Aslan recited a line from the book. "'Mmmm... he's soft and hard at once, like steel encased in velvet, surprisingly tasty, salty and smooth. He's my own Christian Grey-flavored Popsicle.'

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"She says that, 'You are my Popsicle.' That line went in, it's genius. They apparently did that scene great," Marcel said at the An Evening In The Writer's Room event. "Apparently, Jamie is great at being soft and hard at the same time. Which is hard to do for an actor! He's going to get an Oscar!"

And writing sex scenes requires a lot of detailed description. "I had to actually describe everything! It was really embarrassing when you're doing studio notes around the table with 12 people," the British screenwriter explained.

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For the rest of us, we'll have to judge the actor's performance when it hits screens on February 2015.