Emma Ferrer continues legacy of grandma Audrey Hepburn

Aug 13, 2014 at 3:41 p.m. ET
Image: Michael Avedon For Harper’s Bazaar

Continuing her grandmother's legacy, Audrey Hepburn's granddaughter, Emma Ferrer, looks beautifully graceful in the September issue of Harper's Bazaar.

In her first-ever photo shoot, Ferrer embodied Hepburn's beauty and spirit as she posed for the fashion publication giant, channeling her iconic grandmother to perfection. But, as famous as Hepburn was, Ferrer said she always saw her as the ultimate friend.

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"I remember seeing a photo of her jumping on a trampoline — I believe this was before I understood that she was famous," Ferrer said. "But I remember thinking that she looked like a friend I wish I could have had."

Having died in 1993, Hepburn never knew her first grandchild, as Ferrer was born in May of 1994, a year after the Belgium native's passing.

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Emma Ferrer

Ferrer claimed that she didn't see Hepburn as the big star she was, and she didn't relate to her as an actress. "To me she was family," she continued. However, she still enjoyed her films "the same way any young girl would," and has watched them with a similar longing any other avid fan would have.

"I've seen My Fair Lady and Roman Holiday, but I suppose my favorite is Funny Face," Ferrer said.

As for having anything of Hepburn's, Ferrer said that she has a knack for wearing cashmere turtlenecks, "which I adore and wear all throughout winter." The beautiful brunette revealed that she also has a white antique stuffed teddy bear that actually belonged to the Charade star.

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In efforts to make Ferrer's photo shoot the best tribute to Hepburn possible, the newcomer was photographed by none other than Richard Avedon's grandson, Michael. Hepburn was a true muse to the elder Avedon as he created some of her best images for Bazaar during her career.

Ferrer's photo spread is truly a commendation to the late star, bringing forth her style and delicate elegance for fans to indulge in one more time.