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ANTM judge Kelly Cutrone rips apart Kim and Kanye

America’s Next Top Model judge, Kelly Cutrone, isn’t holding back on letting the world know how she really feels about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

“I don’t think there’s one person who really works in the fashion industry who gives a flying f**k about Kanye West,” the 48-year-old fashion publicist and television personality told Confidenti@l.

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North West’s mother doesn’t rank too high on Cutrone’s list of important people, either.

“I think they have no influence in the fashion world whatsoever,” she continued. “I mean, most people who watch the Kardashians’ [reality show] can’t afford Givenchy.”

After that dig at viewers of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Cutrone added, “I don’t mean to be mean. Are [counterfeiters] on Canal St. benefiting from it? Probably, but that’s not the fashion world.”

Cutrone did admit Mr. and Mrs. West have an undeniable presence in pop culture, but insists that has little to nothing to do with the fashion world.

“Have Kim and Kanye had an impact on pop culture? Absolutely,” she acquiesced. “Do I think that [Vogue editor-at-large] Hamish Bowles wakes up in the morning, calls [former Vogue editor-at-large] Andre Leon Talley and says, ‘Did you see those pants that Kanye was rocking on SNL?’ No.”

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The woman who’ll soon return to her seat as a judge on The CW’s ANTM for Season 21 added, “The truth of the matter is that Kim Kardashian is not doing anything fresh in fashion, either. She’s not getting into the nitty-gritty, super avant-garde players. She’s not even wearing [Vivienne] Westwood yet.”

Along with knowing her fashion moguls, Cutrone seems to believe spectacle is what makes a reality show work.

Touting the upcoming season, she explained “There are a lot of things that every show would be proud of — love affairs and fights and knock-downs and drag-outs. We even have a witch named Romeo on the show — our first pagan on ANTM, who wears all black and is into pentacles.”

Do you think Kelly Cutrone has gone too far with her Kimye comments?

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