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Pretty Little Liars review: We’ve switched to Team Anti-Ali

At first, Ali’s lies on Pretty Little Liars seemed justified though ill advised. Now, we think she might just be bats*** crazy.

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It may just be that Ali believes all her lies. Tonight, we finally get a glimpse via flashbacks of Ali’s time on the run. But her behavior has us questioning whether they’re actually flashbacks or some delusional scenarios she’s orchestrated in her head to justify her behavior.

Turns out, Ali and the guy who confessed to the kidnapping, Cyrus Petrillo, knew each other during Ali’s time in hiding. According to Ali, he’s responsible for the cut on her leg. After convincing Ali he cared for her, Cyrus ran off with Ali’s belongings and another girl. We’re excited to have the flashback but then have to check ourselves: That’s Ali’s side of the story. And, at this point, we all know we can’t trust Ali’s side of anything.

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Emily (Shay Mitchell) finally gets that hint tonight when Ali identifies Cyrus as her kidnapper after specifically telling Emily she wouldn’t. By pointing to Cyrus as the kidnapper, the girls think they’re playing right into A’s hand. Emily is done with Ali after this latest betrayal. As she should be. And not only is Emily done with Ali, she wants all the liars to be done with her too. Aria (Lucy Hale) is the only one that seems hesitant at this point. We’re starting to think Mona was justified with her, “I hate Ali,” club.

Melissa is also still jumping on that train too, which makes us think it’s Ali against the world right now. The only thing that would probably fix her lone wolf dilemma at this point is bringing down A once and for all.

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It isn’t until the end of the episode that we discover Ali didn’t just know Cyrus during her time in hiding. She knows him now. He escapes from prison (Somehow?) and meets Ali in the woods where she hands over a plane ticket so he can disappear from Rosewood. She orchestrated the whole confession and tells him that the lie benefited them both. She also threatens to find him again if he doesn’t start over wherever he’s traveling

Another sign that points to Ali being crazy or potentially the elusive Ali-has-a-twin theory: Cyrus calls Ali by name, meaning he knows her identity. The way he says her name, though, has us thinking maybe she’s someone else and he was only saying “Ali” as a way to reinforce the fact he knows the truth about this girl.

Melissa also has a creepy parting scene to leave us with this evening. She records a video for Spencer (Troian Bellisario), but we only get to see the beginning of the tape. She’s ready to tell Spencer the truth about the secrets she knows. These secrets have been buried for so long, we have a hard time believing Melissa will let the truth go that easily. Especially after the sisters’ conversation in the kitchen. But we can hope.

Tell us your theories. Was the girl in the woods really Alison or a secret twin?

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