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See Emma Stone and 39 other stars’ pre-fame auditions (VIDEO)

Before Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Downey, Jr. and Brad Pitt were huge stars, they had to read for roles in movies and television shows, just like every other aspiring thespian. Thanks to an awesome video compilation that recently hit the web, we can watch all of our faves work out their nervous jitters and audition for parts that shot some of them to stardom.

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We catch a glimpse of RDJ’s trademark bold confidence and Pitt’s fresh face as they both vie for roles in the 1991 film, Backdraft. Neither one of them was cast in the flick, but Pitt made his first major big screen appearance as JD in Thelma & Louise that same year and Downey, Jr. caught his big break the following year playing the title role in Chaplin.

Before DiCaprio became the Susan Lucci of the Academy Awards and was successful enough to donate tons of cash to worthy causes (he contributed $7 million to ocean preservation this summer alone), he was just a wee one hoping for a role as a poor kid on the TV adaptation of The Outsiders. The now megastar was only granted a bit part in the pilot.

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Two of the most jarring audition tapes belong to child stars, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus. It’s interesting, and a little sad, to witness the sweet-faced little girls’ natural talent and reflect on how much both of them have changed over the years.

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Megan Fox looks stunning in her tape for the original Transformers movie, long before she was famous enough for personal stylists and a beauty team. Lea Michele has the audition room in uproarious laughter during her Glee tryout. Other auditions, like Ellen Page for “Juno,” Alyson Hannigan for Michelle in American Pie, Hugh Laurie for House and Henry Thomas for Elliott in E.T. are so spot on. It’s hard to imagine that any other actors were even considered for those roles.

Check out all the audition fun below!

Video credit: Prank Media

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