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Found: The one and only place to see Poirot‘s finale

In recent years, Americans have fallen more in love with British television than ever before. And we don’t want cruddy American remakes. No, we want the real thing. From flocking to PBS for Downton Abbey to our miserable years-long wait for more Sherlock, we’ve devoured some of the best British telly has to offer. There’s more out there, though, friends. Starting with the long-running series Poirot, which is officially coming to an end (for now) on Acorn TV.

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If you’re a fan of British drama or crime and haven’t been watching Agatha Christie’s Poirot, you’re in for a serious shock… and a week’s worth of binge-watching ahead of you. Poirot follows the tales of a Belgian detective of the same name, created in the mind and shared with the world on the pages of Agatha Christie’s books. As one of her most-famous characters, Poirot has spent 25 years entertaining television audiences in a total of 70 episodes.

In many instances, his fans have been with him from the very beginning. As David Suchet — who has played Poirot for a quarter of a century — shared with The Washington Post, “I’ll miss him. He became much more than just a character. He became my best friend.”

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Fans will be excited (and saddened) to know they can catch the final three episodes of the show exclusively on Acorn TV. And, for those interested in diving into the series for the first time, that’s still the place to go. The streaming service (available online and with a Roku) is offering up all six dozen episodes in the series. That may or may not be more Poirot than you can stand in one sitting, but it’s there nonetheless, and we highly recommend you check him out.

The final three episodes of the Agatha Christie’s Poirot premiere on Acorn TV on are:

Aug. 11 — “Elephants Can Remember”

Aug. 18 — “The Labours of Hercules”

Aug. 25 — “Curtains: Poirot’s Last Case”

Check out a teaser clip from the first of the finale episodes, full of British reserve, French know-it-all attitude and a twist of humor.

Go. Watch. Make friends with Poirot, and when you’re done, we highly recommend diving deeper into Acorn TV’s catalog. We’re drowning in a sea of new, Anglo obsessions.

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