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Switched at Birth review: Love isn’t always about words

Bay decides to take a stand, while the family tries to stage an intervention for Daphne, who finally comes to terms with the real reason behind her pain, in “Girl on the Cliff.”

Watching this episode of Switched at Birth immediately after hearing about the death of Robin Williams was a sad, but unique experience. I almost put off watching it until later in the evening just so I could give myself a little time to absorb what happened, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t. Though I never met Mr. Williams (well, except for that time I sat across from him during a visit to the set of The Crazy Ones and he smiled at me), I was devastated by the news of his death.

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I felt like I always understood Daphne’s pain over losing Angelo. After all, I too lost my father much too fast and much too soon. But when the hurt is fresh, you remember what it feels like and I started to get a new understanding of what she’s been going through all this time. I could almost get why she went for the pills, though I was relieved she didn’t actually take them. She let her pain fester until it became anger and she used any method she could think of (drugs, screaming at her mother, dating Nacho, committing vandalism) to hide what she was really feeling.

In the end, Daphne’s downward spiral finally came to a halt when she realized just how much damage she had done — to her family, her friends and herself. But it wasn’t until Kathryn found her crying at Angelo’s death site that we truly comprehended what she had been trying to bury deep inside. It wasn’t just losing Angelo, it was the realization that she’d never told him she loved him. Her anger for everyone else was really anger for herself. Kathryn found the best possible thing to say to Daphne when she told her that love wasn’t always about words and Angelo had always known Daphne loved him. It was a gut-wrenching moment made harder by dealing with a fresh pain myself, but I was glad that Daphne finally said what was on her mind so that Kathryn could help her.

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As for Bay, I adored how she used Angelo’s memory to fight back for some friends. It is hard to believe that there might still be schools with such an antiquated view of something as unimportant as a dress code. Respectful is one thing, but dictating boys in tuxedos and girls in dresses was just silly. I almost saw the principal’s point about there being rules everywhere and you can’t always dress the way you want. Not that I agreed, but I was following some of his logic. That is until he made the comment about “girls dressing like freaks.” Then I was done. So I was glad that Bay and her friends made their own prom outside.

I was also happy that Tank and Toby forged a new friendship throughout this episode. Both of them are sorely in need of friends so it was good that they got past their little rift and moved on.

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Overall, everyone made some good progress and did things to be proud of in this episode. Now we just have to see what happens in next week’s summer finale to find out if Daphne’s change of heart came too late to undo the damage she had already done.

My favorite bits:

Emmett’s prom corsage for Bay. That was sweet.

Bay talking down about prom king and queen, until she found out it was her and Emmett. Oops.

Finding out that Hilary had decorated Natalie’s car. So sweet.

Toby: “Paper? Have you lost your mind!?”

Toby asking if clip art was still a thing. Ha!

Tank taking down all the other flyers before putting up his own. Brilliant.

Toby in a toga. That is all.

Knowing that Bay would be coming down in a suit even before she came down the stairs. Way to go, Bay!

Everyone showing up in tuxes. That was awesome.

Toby and Tank backing off their heart-to-heart as soon as it got close to a bro-hug situation.

Team Tux walking into the prom, like bosses.

Bay: “If they can’t go in, I don’t want to be queen of this prom.”

Kathryn reassuring Daphne that Angelo knew she loved him because it’s not always about words.

What did you think of this episode of Switched at Birth? What was your favorite moment in the episode?

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