INTERVIEW: Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring gushes about fans who backed the project

Aug 11, 2014 at 3:34 p.m. ET

He may not have won the Teen Choice Award for best movie actor in a drama, but Veronica Mars hottie Jason Dohring is still counting his blessings and thanking his fans.

Veronica Mars was a short-run CW television series about a teenage private detective, the ever-impressive Kristen Bell, who dedicates her young life to solving crime after a murderer leaves her best friend dead and her father, the county sheriff, out of a job. Although the series only ran for three seasons, it developed a passionate and loyal fan base who helped to fund the Veronica Mars film by pledging an unbelievable $5.7 million through Kickstarter.

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It’s those dedicated fans that Jason Dohring wants to thank.

"The fans basically paid money so we could make this movie, and it wasn't going to get made any other way," gushes Dohring. "It was a way that we could finish telling our story. It's like the project that I never wanted to end and it's not ending. It's cool."

But his enthusiasm doesn't end there. The fact that the film was a success also helped up the ante in regard to the actor's recognition factor.

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"I think there were probably like 20 people who watched the original show and now it feels like there [are] millions," says the actor. "We go everywhere and you start to get recognized."

Considering that the film was funded through Kickstarter via countless shares, tweets and emails about the crowdsourced campaign, it's not surprising that Dohring considers teens today to have a technological advantage over teens of the past.

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"They're a very internet-savvy generation, which allows them to get a lot of information from different sources," says Dohring, adding that the internet superhighway can help get teens pointed in the right direction and find a career that makes them happy.

Which explains why the actor is so happy to be at the Teen Choice Awards.

"I think there's a lot of opportunity for kids these days, probably more so than even 10 years ago, so I'm pleased to support them."

The actor will next be appearing in a Hallmark Channel movie that Dohring calls "beautiful." We'll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for that.

Jason Dohring at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards
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