INTERVIEW: Echosmith gives great advice to teens at Teen Choice Awards 2014

Aug 11, 2014 at 4:12 p.m. ET

If you've spent much time with the radio lately, you've no doubt heard the gorgeous first single from California band (and siblings) Echosmith. The Taluca Lake quartet of siblings is made up of Graham, Noah, Jamie and only sister Sydney Sierota.

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Their first single, "Cool Kids," delivers an interesting story wrapped in a sweet and mellow musical package. We asked Sydney to explain what the song was about.

"'Cool Kids' is just an outside perspective on a boy and girl who want to fit in," explained Sydney. "I just know everybody somewhere has felt that desire to be like someone else or fit in with a certain type of crowd. And in the end, being "cool" is being yourself and accepting yourself for who you are and who you aren't. And even though it's a challenge and an everyday decision, it's important and it makes life so much more enjoyable."

With such an inspiring and empowering song, we wondered if the gang from Echosmith were getting a lot of requests for advice and what sort of direction they offer to fans struggling to be one of those cool kids.

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"I just let them know that either way there's a lot of people in this world. There are seven billion people for us to compare ourselves to and that's a lot of competition in the end," Sydney shared. "Beauty is a matter of opinion. And even though you might think some famous person is the most beautiful person in the world and you have to look like them, in the end if you embrace yourself and you have confidence, that will make you beautiful... no matter what you look like."

Speaking of embracing yourself and the various aspects of you, we asked the Sierotas what descriptors best described each of the siblings, and they quickly dished on one another.

"Noah thinks he's the smartest, maybe. I mean, he used to get straight As and stuff," said Sydney. "I have the most stuff. I'm bound to be the messiest."

Her brothers also agreed she's the one always running late, though she defends that it's because she has the most stuff to do. Poor Sydney was also ganged up on when we asked who was the bossiest and her brothers once again agreed that title went to their sister.

Poor Sydney. It's not her fault that girls are just expected to put more effort into their looks. We think she's just as gorgeous as her voice, though, and can't wait to see what Echosmith has in store for the world next.

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