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The 9 best things from Eli and Peyton Manning’s new rap song (VIDEO)

Peyton and Eli Manning are brothers of many talents. Rapping is maybe not one of them, but that doesn’t make their DirecTV commercials any less pee-pantsingly funny.

Their latest is “Fantasy Football Fantasy,” and it has a fantasy for everyone, especially for those who just like to look at Peyton and Eli Manning. With that in mind, here are our favorite fantasy football fantasy, um, fantasies: 

1. A football thrown by Peyton Manning that, when opened, contains a perfect portion of nachos

Nacho Cheese Football

2. A touchdown that takes you to a magical rainbow waterfall land

Football Rainbow

3. Bathing in tiny footballs that look like the chocolate eggs they sell at easter. Mmm, showering in chocolate…

Football Shower

4. Peyton and Eli Manning in suits 0___0

Manning Brothers in Suits Mmmm

5. Eli Manning in not one, but two fur coats

Eli Manning balling in fur coats

6. This guy being so happy that he can look just a little bit like the Jets’ Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson loves you

7. Eli Manning riding a pegasus (it’s like they were reading our dream journals!)

Eli <3 Pegasus

8. Papa Bear Manning in spaaaaaaace because why not this video is insane

Archie Manning in spaaaace

9. And the worst fantasy: Joe Namath making stew with your mom. Why, you guys. Why.


Now, look upon the whole video with wonder: 

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