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Teen Choice Awards 2014: 5 Reasons Shailene Woodley won the entire night

Between Divergent and The Fault in Our Stars, it’s been a bit of a banner year for Shailene Woodley. Here’s how she kept up her winning streak and wooed the crowd at this year’s Teen Choice Awards.

1. Two words: girl power

In her acceptance speech for “Choice Movie Actress: Action” for Divergent, Woodley took the opportunity to lift up females everywhere — noting that she was honored to be accepting on behalf of all women and her Divergent character Tris Prior in particular.

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“Through the evolution of the movie, you get to watch her grow and you get to watch her find her own confidence, which in turn brings her bravery,” said Woodley. “In my opinion, I think you can be brave and you can jump off buildings — well, don’t jump off buildings — but you can be brave and jump off trains, but the truest form of bravery and courage is to wake up every single day and be ourselves.”

2. She eked in a Shark Week shout-out

Yep, you heard that right. Woodley inadvertently contributed to #TeenChoice not being able to totally dominate trending Twitter topics by mentioning the one holdout in the top 10: #SharkWeek.

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“So you do you, I’m gonna do me, she’s gonna do she, and hopefully I’ll be brave enough to actually take this into the water during Shark Week,” she joked about her surfboard award at the end of her inspiring acceptance speech.

3. Who took over Taylor Swift’s awkward front-row dancing? This girl did

Taylor Swift may have been at the awards — she did present one, after all — but she was noticeably not rocking her trademark enthusiastic dancing in the front row during performances. No worries, though. Woodley was there to pick up the slack.

Shailene Woodley Dancing at Teen Choice

During MAGIC!’s crowd-pleasing rendition of “Rude,” cameras panned in on the actress totally grooving to the music — and owning her awkward dance moves. You’ve gotta love a girl who dances like nobody’s watching.

4. She gave credit where credit was due

The Fault in Our Stars was a huge success earlier this summer, so it’s no big surprise the poignant film took home several surfboards. But when Woodley took the stage with her co-stars to accept the award for “Choice Movie: Drama” for the film, she impressed us by making it a point to thank the person ultimately responsible for the movie: the man who created the story.

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“This movie was so important to all of us, because the book is so important — written by a master, John Green,” Woodley began her speech, later adding, “So thank you to John Green for creating a universe in which we can all relate to and celebrate.”

5. We all needed the gentle reminder that we’re blessed to be alive

It’s been a few months since we’ve all seen the movie, so we’re all probably guilty of forgetting the stirring message behind The Fault in Our Stars. Because while life goes on for most of us, Woodley reminds us that it doesn’t go on for many.

“There are so many things that I feel like we could say right now but, for me, something that just occurred to me is that, you know, I’m wearing heels and have a face full of makeup on, and you guys are all dressed beautifully — and we’re all so lucky to be alive, let alone breathing together in this wonderful room, celebrating all of these really successful artists,” she pondered aloud, pointing out that not everyone is so lucky and many young people are terribly sick.

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“There’s no reason why we’re here and they’re there — nothing is fair,” she lamented. “So the biggest thing I took away from this movie is that all we have is moments, and it’s really our job to wake up each and every day and be so grateful for those moments.”

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