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7 Hottest Tyler Posey Instagram pics

Move over, Taylor Lautner. These days, Tyler Posey is the resident wolf in Hollywood making us swoon. Ladies, for your viewing pleasure, we’ve rounded up a few of Posey’s hottest Instagram pics.

Tyler Posey, on a beach, next to a surfboard, with his abs showing? There’s nothing wrong with that. We’re totally OK with being reminded he’s co-hosting the Teen Choice Awards this year — it keeps us from forgetting to set our DVRs.

Oh, Tyler Posey. If we were you, we’d kiss you too. We’re not even sure that made sense, but sometimes love doesn’t. Am I right, or am I right?

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While not everyone can pull off the whole blazer-without-a-shirt look, Posey does it oh so well. Can this be a new trend, you know, just for him? The guitar is just icing on the shirtless cake.

He may be showing off his tats, but we’re mainly just looking at the rest of what’s going on in this picture. Namely, those abs. And pecs. We’re shameless, we know.

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The fact that Posey is chummy with Kristen Johnston just makes him even cooler in our book which, ipso facto, makes him hotter too.

Posey captioned this pic, “The better to see you with, my dear.” Can we please sign up for that? To be seen by him, we mean? ‘Cause that would be super. Those eyes are magic.

Listen, we’re not just being naughty here by ogling this tower of hunky television dudes. It’s a calendar being sold “for social good.” Since it’s for a good cause, we don’t have to feel guilty for buying, like, 20 of them, right?

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