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7 Shark-riffic ways to prep for Sunday’s Shark Week premiere

We can hear the Jaws theme music playing in the background — the tension is mounting. Shark Week premieres Sunday, Aug. 10, on the Discovery Channel. Here are a few primers to give you shark fever for this year’s largest shark fest.


The feeding frenzy has begun, and you can join in on the fun through Instagram and Twitter. These two social media outlets provide more shark fun than one fan can take, but this photo of shark heels has got to be one of our favorites. Yes — size 8, please.

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Not to be outdone, the Shark Week Facebook home page will help you misappropriate scads of time at work with fascinating articles about sharks, eerie footage that will make you glad you’re safely situated behind your desk and details about Fin Fest — which will be useful if you are lucky enough to live by Hermosa Beach, California, during Shark Week.

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Shark Week countdown

In case you need a visual reminder about how much time is left before the Shark Week premiere, may we present the unofficial (fan site) Shark Week countdown.

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Jaws ringtones

Can you really call yourself a Shark Week enthusiast if you’re not willing to commit to a Jaws theme song ringtone? No. If you think Jaws is a little too cliché, consider the Tiger shark or shark laughing ringtone.

Shark costumes for your pet

Suggesting shark costumes for your pet as a way to get in the shark zone just gives us an excuse to watch one of our favorite recent viral videos. Cue the cat wearing a shark costume on a Roomba while chasing a duck.

Live reef shark cam

Let the live reef shark cam provide the perfect background on your laptop or desktop. It has it all — blacktip reef sharks, a 500-pound sea turtle and that haunting, underwater bubble noise you always hear right before a shark appears.

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Zombie sharks

Crocodile Dundee has nothing on these divers, who can put a shark to sleep by rubbing its nose. Or can they? There is always the possibility that the shark won’t want to perform the zombie trick and that it’ll decide to eat the diver instead.

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