Jaime Pressly opens up about her secret mastectomy

It may have happened a few years ago, but Jaime Pressly has only just revealed her painful and emotional story about her health scare to the ladies of The Talk.

After giving birth to her son, Dezi James Calvo, in 2007, the actress started experiencing abnormal pain associated with her breastfeeding, but she didn’t realize just how serious it all was at the time.

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“I have a high threshold for pain — I was a dancer for 25 years,” Pressly explained. “And when I had my son, I got mastitis, but I didn’t know,” she revealed on the show. “I just thought it was normal breastfeeding pain.”

However, it was not until four years later that the Joe Dirt star discovered she had several lumps in her breasts and that she would have to undergo an “almost full mastectomy.”

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“He took the scar tissue out of this and then six months later — because when you open it spreads — I had to go back and do this one… I still have some breast tissue left but [they had to do] almost a full mastectomy,” she explained.

“From just the scar tissue — the mastitis mutated into something else, because it sat dormant for a while. It was the craziest thing. Thank God, it wasn’t [cancer],” Pressly added.

Despite her scare, Pressly has maintained a very positive outlook on life and has come to terms with the fact that most of her breasts had to be removed.

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“I think when we’re younger we want ’em, and then you get older and you’re like, ‘Can you just get rid of whatever extra you got, including hair?’ Whatever’s easier,” she joked.

Perhaps that’s why the blond beauty is now sporting a very cute new pixie cut.

You can watch the video about Jaime Pressly’s mastectomy scare here.