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The Interview‘s release date pushed: Is it because of Kim Jong-un?

Looks like Sony Pictures is giving Kim Jong-un a very un-merry Christmas present with a newly scheduled release date for The Interview.

The Seth Rogen and James Franco action comedy about a couple of unassuming journalists carrying out an unlikely plot to assassinate North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, will open in theaters on Christmas Day, instead of its original Oct. 10 release date.

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The push marks a big sign of confidence on Sony’s part, since Christmas releases are usually huge paydays for studios. The Interview will now be opening against Paddington, Into the Woods, Big Eyes, Unbroken and Hot Tub Time Machine 2, but with plenty of college students out on holiday break (and eager for a break from Mom and Dad), chances are, the film will have a very strong opening box office.

As long as Kim Jong-un doesn’t blow up Hollywood first. The truculent North Korean leader has made his displeasure at the film’s story line abundantly clear, claiming The Interview is the result of “gangster moviemakers.” A spokesperson for Kim Jong-un even declared the movie a “wanton act of terror” and said that there would be a “resolute and merciless response” if the U.S. doesn’t ban the film.

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Jong-un’s unexpected response did very little to curb the film’s release, and instead, stirred up even more media interest in the film, which has no doubt contributed to Sony’s decision to seek out the more prominent release date.

Protestations aside, Jong-un’s spokesperson did admit that the leader would probably watch the film anyway, which means there’s a very real chance millions of Americans could be watching and laughing at Rogen and Franco attempting to assassinate Jong-un at the same time as he is this Christmas.

Let’s hope that Jong-un is as charmed by the comedy duo’s bromance as we are.

The Interview comes out Dec. 25. Watch the trailer here:

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