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Sophia Bush has been secretly single since February

Former One Tree Hill star, Sophia Bush, has pulled off a miraculous feat in today’s world of technology and social media that keeps celebrities living under a microscope. The brunette beauty broke up with her boyfriend months ago and managed to keep the split off the radar until this week.

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According to a source with Us magazine, Bush split amicably with her boyfriend, Dan Fredinburg, who works as a program manager for Google, some time ago. “They broke up in February,” the source told Us. “They still really care a lot about each other but it was impossible to remain a romantic relationship with the careers that they have.”

Bush and Fredinburg even managed to keep their separation on the down low, despite Fredinburg’s connection to the high-profile Mount Everest avalanche that killed 12 people in April. The Chicago PD actress tweeted confirmation that Fredinburg, who had been documenting his travels on the mountain, had remained safe during the disaster. “For all concerned, @danfredinburg  & team are safe at Camp 1 on #Everest after the avalanche,” she said. “Please keep the sherpas in your prayers.”

Though Bush was undoubtedly upset by the split from Fredinburg, the actress most likely hasn’t had much time to wallow, as she has admitted to her total commitment to keeping her health and strength a priority as she shoots her new show. “#TheTrainingTrifecta is back in action baby,” she wrote in an Instagram caption last week. “Hit the gym hard with these two #mcm babes. Worked from 6am-8:30pm. Trained from 9pm-10:15pm. Long day? Hell yeah. But we’re making sure to prioritize our health and work on our strength 3x a week.  #MakeItCount #CopFit #ChicagoPD #Season2.”
DJ Calvin Harris and his now-ex-girlfriend, songstress Rita Ora, pulled off a secret breakup stunt similar to Bush’s this year, as well. Though they weren’t quite as stealth as Bush, as there was some speculation that the two had split, Harris did not confirm until June that he and Ora had actually ended their romance “some time ago.”

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