Peter Frampton throws away cell phone of rule-breaking fan

Aug 7, 2014 at 5:51 p.m. ET
Image: Daniel Tanner/

Technology can be a blessing that makes our lives easier, but it can also be a curse. That's exactly what happened at the Peter Frampton concert at the Palladium in Carmel, Indiana, on Sunday night.

As audience members entered the club, they were told by management that they were barred from taking video or flash photography. While most people adhered to the rules, one front-row couple decided to video and photograph the "Baby I Love Your Way" singer's concert.

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Frampton had repeatedly asked them to put their phones away, but they refused. That's when the musician took enforcing the no-camera policy into his own hands.

OnStage magazine had attendee, Melissa Schickel, write a firsthand account of how the event went down.

She wrote, "At first, Peter kept gesturing to them, saying, 'No, don't do that. Stop!' But they just did not get the hint. He was frantically looking for security, but they were nowhere nearby… Peter quickly turned around and turned his back to the audience and played that way for several moments."

Security intervened and the couple momentarily stopped. When they started recording the concert again, Frampton got angry.

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Schickel continued, "Peter ends the song, walks over and with a huge smile on his face bends down and says, 'Hey can I see that? Can I see the photos you've been taking?' The guy hands him his phone and Peter stands up, spins, and flings for the rafters! Yes! The phone went flying to the back of the stage and we all erupted in cheers! With years of experience playing guitar, we just knew he had a great arm!"

Of course, that didn't stop the woman, who still had her phone, from trying to get more footage. Schickel gave the shocking conclusion to the story.

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She said, "The woman actually tried to take a flash picture of the band as they were taking their bows. Incredibly, she even had the nerve to try to wait for him to get an autograph and photo."

All in a day's work for Frampton.