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10 Things you didn’t know about Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho isn’t a household name quite yet, but at just 14 years old, the vocalist’s talents will likely change that. After landing as the runner-up on Season 5 of NBC’s America’s Got Talent just a few years back, the Pittsburgh-born soprano released her share of music, performed in front of the Obamas and even has an upcoming world tour in the works. SheKnows spoke with the big-voiced star about everything from her angelic vocals to her paranormal investigations and got to know just a little more about the music sensation.

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1. Preteen extraordinaire

At just 10 years old, Evancho had already shared her talents with millions and millions of people by taking second place in NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent.

2. Her vocal cords inspired her new LP

Evancho’s new LP Awakening, which is due in stores on Sept. 23, was inspired by her growth as an artist, especially when it comes to her vocal department. “My voice has matured since I first recorded and so have I,” she says.

3. Her best friend is a canine

Dog really is man’s best friend. Just ask Jackie. She says that her little dog Maggie is her best friend forever, and also the best present she’s ever received.

4. She’s a sucker for love stories

Don’t play Titanic or The Notebook around Jackie because she’ll probably bring on the waterworks. “Without fail, love story types of movies can make me cry,” she told us.

5. Some celebrities have celebrity best friends — Jackie is not one of them

Even though she’s just a year into her teens, the singer says that she doesn’t have any celebrity friends, but there are a couple of stars that she’s met and could call up to ask for advice.

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6. Jackie stands up for animals

She’s served as a spokesperson for the Humane Society for a few years. With her love for animals, particularly seals, she’s worked on making sure they stay protected.

7. Speaking of animals, if Jackie could be any animal in the world, she’d be a puppy

Why a puppy, you might ask? Well, she says that there’s a universal love for pups and they really seem to understand their bond with their owner.

8. Jackie isn’t your average classically trained vocalist

She’s also a part-time ghost hunter. She used to go searching for spirits, but says she feels lucky that she never found any of them.

9. Girl is as hospitable as they come

Before recording her new album, she flew her producer from his home to her home for their first face-to-face meeting session, where they sat around her game room and got to know each other.

10. Jackie is a total model in the making

Back in 2012, she was selected by GUESS owner Paul Marciano to star in the line’s fall clothing campaign for children.

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