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Cher reveals she is “really not a Cher fan

The time has come: Cher is on the cover of AARP magazine this month. The singer is now 68 and is opening up about her life, her career and growing older.

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“Every once in a while I think, ‘Jesus, you’re so old! How did this happen?’ I haven’t looked in the mirror in years,” she said. “The only time I was happy with the way I looked was when I was, like, 40 to 45.”

But despite her age, the singer said she is still more than happy to play cougar. She joked that, “Older men rarely liked me. If it wasn’t for younger men, I would never have a date!”

Cher used to be better known as half of Sonny and Cher. When Sonny Bono died, Cher’s world changed. Even though they were divorced at the time, he was an important part of her life, and she feels that he is still with her. She said, “I have this fabulous chandelier in my sitting room, and it goes off and on all the time for no reason. I always think it’s him messing with me, because that is what he would do.”

Sonny and Cher’s child recently revealed he is transgender and Cher said she had to come to terms with that — but said she loves him just as much as she ever did.

“He’d forgotten to erase his old outgoing message, I thought, ‘I’m never going to hear my daughter’s voice [in person] again,'” she said, adding some advice for other parents of transgender children. “Have faith and hold on. It’s scary because you don’t know how you’re going to feel.”

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Cher is happy with her life now, and she is still dedicated to her art and continues to tour and make new music. But she reveals that, even though she does all she can for her fans, she isn’t who they might think she is.

“I’m not a confident person, and I’m really not a Cher fan,” she admitted. “But I want to make sure I’ll do a great job, so I go balls to the wall and try to do every single thing I can.”

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