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Nina Dobrev plays giant beer pong with Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

Nina Dobrev showed off her competitive side last night during a game of giant beer pong with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show.

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“Nice try, Jimmy,” Dobrev told the host as they both missed their first shot attempt.

Fallon made the first cup on the next round, and Dobrev dutifully chugged her cup of beer. “I hate beer,” the actress explained, with a look of disgust on her face. They both confirmed that it was, in fact, the real stuff since they were drinking out of red Solo cups.

Before throwing the next round, Dobrev decided it was best to get in some stretching. She still missed, but Fallon sunk No. 2. For someone who doesn’t like beer, Dobrev really knows how to chug like a champ.

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“I think it’s a tie, buddy,” Dobrev said after making her next two shots, which counted even though there was some double bouncing in there.

Mind you, the actress played the whole game in a fitted black dress and gold sparkling heels. Despite Fallon’s obvious edge in the wardrobe department, Dobrev pulled out all the stops in the last round and won the game.

She then inspired an audience chant of, “chug, chug, chug,” complete with a fist pump as Fallon downed his final beer.

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Dobrev was on the program to promote her latest flick Let’s Be Cops. The film follows two friends who dress up like cops for a costume party only to end up getting caught in a real-life crime around town. It also stars Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. and hits theaters on Aug. 13.

Watch the full video of Dobrev and Fallon playing giant beer pong below.

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