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James Franco calls article out for “homophobic scoop

James Franco is firing back at Gawker, which wrote an article suggesting that the fact he is living with fellow actor Scott Haze means they’re more than just good pals.

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“…theirs is the kind of relationship — somewhat ambiguous, seemingly gay, probably romantic — that almost always sends The New York Times into a bizarre moral panic,” Gawker said in the piece posted on Wednesday.

Gawker got the idea for the article based on a piece written by The New York Times, which explains the reference in the above quote. Times writer Jacob Bernstein wrote that Franco and Haze, “met about a decade ago when they were acting students in Los Angeles.” Bernstein goes on to say the two are “so close that describing them merely as friends would be a disservice” and are “sharing an apartment in Brooklyn this summer.”

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Gawker thinks it seals the deal on Franco’s sexual orientation with a final story from The New York Times. Apparently, after a long night, an assistant pointed to two town cars waiting to take Franco and Haze home. Franco was surprised there were two cars and told the assistant they only needed one since they lived at the same place.

Franco took to Instagram in response with the following post.
Franco captioned the post, “GAWKER – always getting the cutting edge, homophobic scoop!!! Go see CHILD OF GOD in theaters and see me direct my live-in boyfriend, SCOTT HAZE!!!! Love you SCOTT!!!!” Franco also included a link to the article.

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In our minds, from The New York Times article you could conclude Franco is environmentally conscious and/or not high maintenance, but to assume he’s gay because he is willing to share a car with his roommate seems like more than a stretch. We don’t blame Franco for taking to Instagram on this one.

Furthermore, as Franco put it last year in an interview with The Daily Beast, “Bring on the gay jokes! Because these aren’t insults at all.” Franco concluded by saying he wishes he were gay and that he isn’t offended by the suggestion at all.

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