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Joan Rivers’ Justin Bieber jab enters racist territory

Joan Rivers may have finally gone too far with one of her infamous jokes, allegedly using racist comments to describe one of Justin Bieber’s recent style choices.

“That little b**** just gets on my nerves,” the 81-year-old jokester shared during a recent episode of Fashion Police while critiquing one of the pop star’s style choices.

Looking directly into the camera to convey she meant to directly address the Orlando Bloom brawler, she continued, “You are not a big black thug, you are just like your shoes — ordinary and completely white.”

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Although the studio audience and Rivers’ critic co-hosts seemed to enjoy the jab, a blast from the past took offense.

Victor Willis, remembered by many as the traffic cop from the Village People’s “Y.M.C.A.” hit, took to his Twitter account to let Melissa Rivers’ momma know she was out of line.

The 63-year-old singer and actor vented on his account Aug. 3, “@eonline How long U think U can remain silent on Joan Rivers referring to African Americans as ‘Big Black Thugs.’ #BoycotteEntertainment.”

“What @Joan_Rivers said is no laughing matter,” Willis added the following day. “It’s Racist and she has a history of this. #boycott @Eentertainment4.”

Wednesday, three days after his initial tweet on the Rivers-Bieber matter, the Village People star went on to tweet, “@Joan_Rivers From one Police 2 another: APOLOGIZE! #BoycottEEntertainment.”

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Additionally, the passionate singer took to his Facebook account and shared this message with his over 26,000 followers:

Take a look at the Fashion Police clip that set off this particular Justin Bieber controversy:
Thus far, it does not appear the dare-to-go-there comedienne has bothered to acknowledge or respond to Willis’ critique in any public way.

Tell us: Do you think Joan Rivers’ Justin Bieber commentary was out of line?

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