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Kellie Martin is so hot on Satisfaction, she’ll even turn your grandma on (VIDEO)

We’ve got an exclusive clip from the next episode of USA’s hot new series, Satisfaction, titled “Through Self Discovery,” and all we can say after watching it is that Kellie Martin is one very lucky lady.

If you’ve been watching USA’s new summer series, then you already know it’s been heating up TV screens (and computer screens, tablet screens and probably some phone screens) all over the country. The show stars Matt Passmore as a man who discovers his wife has been sleeping with a male prostitute. But rather than confront her about it, he decides to try out the career himself to see what he can learn about women and life in general.

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The show is hot, but it’s also enlightening and honest in its portrayal of a man and wife who’ve been going through the motions for so long in their marriage that they aren’t sure what they want anymore. Neil (Passmore) doesn’t just sleep with the women who call him up for his services, he also talks to them, listens to them and acts as their companion.

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In the next episode, Neil attempts to atone for a past mistake by remaking his public image, while Grace (Stephanie Szostak) deals with pressures at work that force her to make an impulsive decision. Neil’s life is further complicated as Adriana (Katherine LaNasa) continues to meddle in it, still working on convincing him to find his true self.

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We’re not quite sure how all of that fits into the scene in our exclusive clip and, honestly, we don’t care. The clip finds Neil in the back of a large limo with what appears to be his latest client, played by guest star Kellie Martin. Things start out rather tame, as Neil offers some advice and listens to her as she tries to work through her own issues. But things heat up very quickly from there.

Be sure to tune in tonight to see what happens next. Satisfaction airs on Wednesday at 10/9c on USA.

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