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Ricky Gervais chases sex and zombies with David Brent in Life On the Road

Have you been missing The Office? More importantly, have you been missing the British version starring Ricky Gervais as David Brent? If so, you’re in luck! The film Life On The Road, featuring this hilarious character, is set to go into production next year.
Ricky Gervais can’t stop creating entertainment. And he can’t seem to let go of David Brent, the character he played on the British series, The Office. We don’t mind, because we think the kooky underachiever is hilarious. He recently created a series of YouTube videos, called Life On The Road/Learn Guitar with David Brent, where he gives pathetic music lessons.

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Turns out, these these little videos were all a set up for a feature film called Life on the Road. BBC Films announced in a recent press release that the film will go into production in 2015 and be shot in Britain.

So, what exactly is the premise of the movie? We all remember that David Brent (Gervais) was laid off from Wernham Hogg and received a severance package (called a redundancy in Britain). We assume the money finally ran out, because now Brent works as a traveling salesman, hawking cleaning products.

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But all work and no play makes David Brent a dull boy, so in his free time, he’s self-financing a tour with his band, hoping to become a rock star. We can’t wait to watch Brent go in search of the rock-and-roll lifestyle, get grungy, maybe even acquire groupies. We’re glad he’s giving the goofball a zombie makeover and bringing him back to life.

In this video, David Brent goes through a series of chords, but claims he’s not going to teach the viewers all of them, because, “You won’t need them all.” We love his arrogance. He also says playing guitar is about “doing your own thing. Don’t listen to me. Turn [the video] off.” Classic confusing advice from our favorite slacker.

What also surprised us is that it appears as if some people have watched Gervais’ guitar lessons, not realizing they were fake. Is it possible someone out there doesn’t know who Ricky Gervais is?

A YouTuber called John Smith left this comment:

“I dig this dude’s attitude (do it your way, not mine) but I came here as an absolute beginner so I was hoping he would start with the basics. Anyhow, great song, and respect for singing about the everyday (repping) and keeping it real generally. One criticism though; my mate, who can play Dylan and everything — even bits of lead — watched this and said this dude’s fine on chords but ‘a bit heavy handed with his right hand’. Sounded great to me though.”

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Whether or not John Smith is a real guitar student doesn’t matter to us. The important thing is that Ricky Gervais is using David Brent to entertain the world once again.

Gervais’ current show, Derek, can be streamed on Netflix.

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